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The Honduras Flag
We, Honduras Maritime Bureau has gain experience for over 30 years in registration of vessel in the Honduras open registry. We has registered from yachts to large merchants including tankers, gas carriers and oil platforms.

The firm is led by Lawyer Jose Padilla who has dedicate since very young as practitioner in the career of ship registration and all type and issues related to Merchant Marine, fishery department, Radio license (CONATEL), HMB is the legal representative of various companies that support the shipping registry.

As Honduras Maritime Bureau (HMB), we offer a personalized service hearing your needs, analyzing and solving your problems quickly, economically, effectively and efficiently. Dedicating to obtaining any necessary document wanted for smooth navigation between port authorities.

To serve our customers by ensuring excellent service delivery at all times.


To provide a reliable, responsive, competent, accessible, Courteous, multi-optional and affordable quality customer Service by treating our customers with empathy.


" Understand the customer.
" Retain customers through better customer experience.
" Attract new customer.
" Win new clients and contracts Increase profitably.
" Managing good and bad customers in an era of tougher data protection.
" Decrease customer management costs.

The flag is beautiful is composed of three stripes, two blue turquoise and white stripe, as well as 5 stars located in the middle of the flag on the white stripe.
Its meaning is: the two blue stripes signify the two oceans (Pacific and Atlantic) along the coasts of Honduras and the deep blue sky, the white stripe means peace we want to have as a nation and 5 stars represent the Morazanic dream of joining the Central America region, ie the union of Honduras, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Guatemala.
Colonia 15 de septiembre entre 6 y 7 calle, Avenida independencia casa #6004, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Phone: (504) 2234 3930. Fax: (504) 2244 3933.
E-mail: mail@hondurasmaritime.com