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We are the oldest Maritime Lawyers firm in Honduras, founded in 1980.
The Ship
The Honduras Organic Law of the Merchant Marine, Decree No. 167/94 and their regulations
International water requirements
International conventions and codes that regulate the safety and security of the ship as Solas, Marpol and MLC 2006
The Crew
Requests for documentation of sailor and officer in accordance with national laws and STCW conventions
The bussiness
Consultan for any tipe of requierment you can need for your international bussines operations including incorporation of companies and bank accounts.
Customer Testimonials
A flag with a previously bad rap but now is striving to win the hearts of shipowners again..
Our expertise are:
Honduras Ship Registry

Honduras is an open registry back from 1943, is a legendary one from Second World War neutral flag and one of the Onassis favourite flag. The open registry is welcome to any Shipowner of any nationality.

In the ship registry, there is no control over private businesses; business activities are therefore free of tax.

Yes, there is a control over the conditions of the boat for safety and security (SOLAS, MARPOL) and also on the conditions of the crew by the MLC 2006, The authorized RO in Honduras as www.hinsib.org, are listed in the IMO white list.

Honduras manages a workforce of Honduran sailors and officers duly certified with the STCW. The marine school is duly certified by IMO, Marine international crew documentation system is in the IMO white list.

The Honduran registry is competitive at the time of documents emission and costs are based on the gross tonnage of the vessel.

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